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They have more of these holsters in their warehouse than they'd like...

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"Upgrade Your Gear, Not Your Budget"

May 22nd, 2022

Please see the message below brought to you by our sponsor who helps keep Firearm Upgrades 100% free for our subscribers. Thank you for your support. Remmy Williamson, Firearm Upgrades

Our friends at American Tactical Supply must've received an unexpected shipment of their best-selling "invisible" Shoulder Holster...

Because we were recently notified they're giving these holsters out FREE!

Since they have more of these holsters in their warehouse than they'd like...

They've decided to hand them out Free -- as part of a "No More Gun Control" awareness campaign.

As you probably know, the Biden Administration is unleashing the worst set of new gun laws in history.

So American Tactical Supply is giving these extra holsters away to give Biden and his gun-grabbing goons a big ol' middle finger.

If you want to join in on that (and get a Free Shoulder Holster in the process)...

Just click the link below to get your Free holster now.

They have a limited number of these extra holsters to give away though.

So don't wait on this.

There are currently enough Free Shoulder Holsters for the next 382 people.

After that, you might be out of luck.

So grab your Free Shoulder Holster NOW before they're gone.

~Firearm Upgrades


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